Mostly I am simply getting on with life now. My most pressing problems are those of hay fever and all the jobs that need doing at home  It is difficult to think about cutting the tall hedge at the front of the house when it is so hot and when any time spent outside causes…… Continue reading Summer


We have lived in our house for 30 years now. For all that time we have been friendly with our neighbours too. But recently one of them died and his funeral was on Tuesday. All funerals are sad affair but then again it is a social occasion in which we meet people who we often…… Continue reading Funeral


A year ago I was told at work that I could go to the BETT show in Docklands. This is a big education technology exhibition and something quite interesting for me. A party was going from our town and I could go along with them for free. That day I was very nervous as I…… Continue reading Docklands